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May 28, 2021
Miss sitting on the patio but given today's lunchtime temp was only 4 degrees, I appreciated the fast pick-up service. Hang in there guys--hope to see you upon re-opening.

May 12, 2021

May 07, 2021
Always great food! My favourite place to eat in the city :) thanks!

April 10, 2021
Always A+, super good food and good service.

April 08, 2021
Everything was great!

February 21, 2021
Thanks for breakfast you guys rock!

February 12, 2021
Such good food.

December 14, 2020
You guys are great and your food is awesome!! :)

December 04, 2020
Miss not eating at the House but that will soon pass hopefully. Thanks for looking after us!

August 11, 2020
I was served a dirty glass with my bottle of Coors Light. Without knowing, I took a drink from the glass and tasted Baileys or something sweet, and I immediately saw that there was a large syrupy line running down the glass. I brought this to the attention of my server, and she took the glass away with a 1/4 of beer still in it.

When we received the bill, my table of friends was surprised to see that she charged me for the beer. We paid in cash, and let her know that we'd prefer if the beer was taken off of the bill, since I had to return a 1/4 of the drink and was served a dirty glass. She immediately got defensive and told us the glass was not dirty, it just wasn't wiped-down after coming out of the dishwasher. She said she would ask her manager to remove the charge. Instead of actually doing this, she sent over another server with our change, did not remove the beer from the bill, and ignored us until we left.

Considering everyone is on heightened precautions with respect to COVID, I was thoroughly disappointed and disgusted with the service and the response I received as a customer.